The YouTube family of apps have their own design language compared to first-party Google applications. That trend is not changing anytime soon and continues today with a redesign of the custom share sheet in YouTube Music for Android.

Tapping “Share” no longer opens a grid-based sheet that takes up two-thirds of the display. Instead, it’s now much smaller with a carousel that shows five or so targets per screen. 

Below are buttons for “Copy link” — which was previously the first option in the 3×5/6 grid — and “Share with other apps” to open the system Share sheet. The new size, which is about a third of the screen, is better for one-handed usage, but might be annoying if you frequently share to a lot of apps.

L-R: Old YouTube Music, new YTM, & YouTube

This design matches the YouTube app, though the main client features rounded sheets. YTM goes edge-to-edge for all pop-ups.

The custom share sheet redesign first rolled out to iOS before coming to YouTube Music for Android in recent days.

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