It’s only been a few weeks since Ed released for Street Fighter 6, and we’re already getting a glimpse at the demon coming next to the game.

Capcom just dropped a surprise and sizable teaser trailer for Akuma in SF6 at the start of the Capcom Highlights showcase event today.

The trailer starts with a rumbling as we see glimpses of Akuma striking a giant statue multiple times sending out shockwaves before a Gohadoken like motion sends cracks through it.

As the cave above him begins to collapse, Akuma flies up with a Goshoryuken that blasts through the boulders and statue’s head before we get a closer look at him from below and then his iconic back shot shrouded in the shadows.

Although there’s no gameplay shown here, there are some hints to what moves he’ll have in SF6 with some mentioned above that are included.

What’s perhaps most interesting, however, is that during his uppercut, Akuma is cloaked in the power of an Oni or perhaps an Asura, which could indicate a new mechanic of his or maybe what his level 2 Super Art will give him.

The official trailer information confirms Akuma will come with a new World Tour area called Gokuento. Longtime Street Fighter fans may recognize that name as his Alpha 2 stage, and it appears to be an updated version of that design too.

Since there’s one more new stage coming in the Year 1 Pass, it’s likely Gokuento may serve as that too when Akuma releases.

We’d already gotten to see his new design in artwork for SF6 previously, but this is our first time seeing what Akuma will fully look like in game.

His appearance seems to be a fair bit bulkier than Street Fighter 5 and previous entries, so we’ll see if that has any impact on his speed or power this time around.

No release date was given for the demon, but they confirm that he’s still on track to release sometime this Spring, which could be anywhere from now until mid-June.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Akuma below that clocks in at almost two minutes long.

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #1

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #2

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #3

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #4

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #5

Akuma Teaser SF6 image #6

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